Saturday, December 6, 2014

How to Wear...Christmas Party Outfits

Have you ever gotten out of bed feeling absolutely pissed off at the world? This is me right now. I'm so angry and I don't even know why. I'm pissed off at my toothbrush, at the rain outside, my annoying fat cats, this stupid little spoon in my coffee! I hate everything. The only thing that I don't hate is the Holiday atmosphere that is slowly spreading like the plague and engulfing all my common sense. All my friends, including the boyfriend, dislike the Christmas holiday. Some of them even hate it. My biggest fetish right now is bombarding them with Christmas songs and decorations, and talks about Christmas, and Christmas recipes and CHRISTMAS MOVIIIEES! I bathe in their suffering!

Anyways, I know you lovely readers like Christmas and especially Christmas parties! ^_^ That's why I love youuu! So I figured it was about time I made some Christmas Party outfits! Here ya go!

This is the sequin dress I wrote about in my November favorites and it's not a dress anymore once it met my scissor skills! It looked slouchy and bulky, made me look like a deformed potato, so I cut it into a top and combined it with a red dress I thrifted long ago. 
When you're layering you can play with proportions and choose a dress with more volume. It adds a nice Disney princess twist and the sequins don't look that tacky.

Dress & Sequins Top - Second Hand

Poisonous Leather

Leather is extremely versatile and easy to style. I chose a dress that was simple, not in the boring way, but in the structured way. It's with an elegant basic fit and you can combine it in many different ways: with a sparkling cardigan, a cropped top, even a sweater!

Leather Dress, Booties, Purse - Second Hand, Silver Bracelet - Frontrowshop

For this combo I added my second hand faux fur white vest. The vest is going to be the next "How to Wear" item, because I love it to death. *_* I bought a size L, so it wraps around my whole body, leaves room for layering and it's extremely soft and warm! <3

Bohemian Lace

Lace is for the delicate souls out there who like to stay true to their modest selves, but want to add a peppery flavor to their party outfit. The lace dresses I love the most are the ones with small subtle details, that make them stand out from everything else. The one I'm wearing here looks like a classic maxi dress, until you have a glimpse at the back and BOOM, shoku desu!

Lace Dress - Zara, Tassel Necklace - Yoins, Bracelet - Mood & Closet


The effortless style is for girlies who don't like to dress up that much, but still want to look fancy. A cropped top with a cold shoulder, quirky patterns or sequins with a full leather skirt, tartan pencil skirt or even leather culottes, are the winning combo here. The hairstyle is effortless as well, with just a little braid on the side, for that chic finish.

Cropped Top - Frontrowshop, Chelsea Boots - Stradivarius, Leather Skirt - Second Hand

The Off-beat

This is my personal favorite! It's an outfit that is different, interesting and doesn't succumb to the dresses and skirt cliches you see on most parties. 
Use a simple basic shirt and a top with some sparkles, for that Christmas cheer. You can pair it with simple slim or boyfriend jeans, or leather pants for that rocker luster.  

White Shirt - Yoins, Leaf Headband - Choies, Bracelet - Mood & Closet

Hope you liked the outfits guys and let me know which one is your favorite! ^_^


  1. I love the Effortless look and both styles with Sequins!!!
    You are the Fashion Goddess!

  2. I think the last look is my favourite too, I love the sequins with leather and I have a great paur of leather trousers, this would look fabulous with. I also love the acid green leather dress, with faux fur vest, super sixties and super cool.
    My boyfriend hates Christmas too, he has been grumbling every weekend as I have dragged him around the shops :)

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  3. Dear Blogger, let this comment come thru. I'm not a bot, I am a human, I swear.

    Dear Keit - this was an amazing post and love all of your outfit pics :) ! My fave is the poison green O_O. And you are a stunner, girl :)

  4. I have two favourites: the one with that gorgeous effortless lace dress (and the jewellery!) and also the very first look that is just very "you" and looks perfect on you. oh and how cute that you torture all your friends with your Christmas spirit ;) my fiance is not a fan of Christmas either and when I talk about getting the presents and stuff he pretends he didn't hear me. he even does it while we're shopping the presents (okay, trying to shop but still) :@:D

    Part of me

  5. Holy hannah you look so stinkin' gorgeous! I love all these looks you put together -- they all scream holiday cheer. I LOVE it. :)

    The blue lace dress is my favorite. I'm a sucker for see-through, hi-low anything. And dark colors. And dresses.


  6. These are by far my best-est looks from you, Keit. I'm not feeling too Christmas-y this year. Oh, I heart that first sequin look.

  7. I don't think I've ever got out of bed NOT feeling pissed off at the world - I am not a morning person! You have cheered me up on this cold dark morning however with your awesome post and outfits :)

  8. Now those are some rocking outfits hun! Love what u did what that top that used to be a dress xD I am also a great fan of XMas, even tho in my family it was never appreciated as much as it deserves to be appreciated. So keep bombing people around u with xmas stuff, u have my full support!

    Lots of love,

    Check out my latest OUTFIT POST
    XoXo Venoma
    Venoma Fashion Freak

  9. So many ideas in only one post!

    I love what you did with that dress, now it is so versatile!

    And I understand what you mean about crappy days, this saturday was like that for me... Everything SUCKED! Thankfully going to sleep usually helps hehe


  10. Love all of them, especially the last one! xx

  11. I don't know how you do it. If I wore any of these outfits, I'd look like I'd gone crazy - I'm pretty sure if I even left my bedroom in a green leather dress, my husband would start dialling the number for the mental hospital. But you. You don't just pull it all off. You look fabulous! I don't know whether to be incredibly jealous or just amazed.

  12. I can totally relate with you in this post, the waking up feeling grumpy and the cutting of that sequins dress, I have one like that too,love every look on this post. Genius.

  13. Omg, I'm kinda over Christmas already but that's just because I work at the mall and listen to those horrible Christmas songs daily. Not to mention there are singing animals playing every time Santa Claus comes into the mall lol. I love the idea of this post! The sequin dress look is my favorite because it's so shiiinnnnnyyyy lol ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  14. That first outfit is SO you. It just has your personality written all over it. Love it! <3 Really diggin the fruit roll up dress. Hehe. You make it look hot! I could never do it justice! Also, best leather skirt ever!

    - Anna

  15. lovvve your outfits they are like so festive and sparkly!!! I feel though i would rock them for a new years party because family parties totally restrict how crazy I can be!! ahahha love your outfits :)

  16. How are you so perfect?! You always wear the coolest things in the most creative/inspiring ways. I am in love with that lace dress, and you are seriously killing it in that fur vest!

  17. I wish you many occassions to wear your creations because they rock!
    My favs are the first, last sequins ones (fabulous creating with the scissors!) and the green leather ! and fur vest (snuggly!)
    Lots of exclamation marks because you deserve them!!!! xo JJ

  18. Keit, I exactly know how you feel. It sometimes happens! Well, I'm sure you wake up tomorrow and every thing is going to be alright :)
    Each of those looks are awesome. So so you Keit. If I only had clothes like that <3.....

  19. Great inspiration, my dear <3

    Love all the outfits, in particular the tights and the green dress ^_^

    Have a great day,


  20. woooow I love the first outfit and the 2 last too!!! <3 so perfect un beautiful *_* I think the sequin top is perfection!!!

  21. Best. Post. Ever. I love that each of these are so non-traditional and completely creative and playful. That plastic green dress and the fur outs hearts in my eyes!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin


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