Thursday, October 2, 2014

September Favorites

I bet you expected a thousand shots of pumpkin spice latte's here, but I can't afford fancy Starbucks coffee, or maybe I can?... Nope, scratch that, I can't! So, I hope you guys will settle with some shots of random un-autumny favorites I liked this past month! My stomach is making weird noises right now, perhaps it needs its daily doze of nourishment, but I'm a professional and blogging comes before eating...or bathing...or peeing! So I'm writing this hungry, pajama wearing & greasy haired - that's the Bulgarian blogger's way of doing things! Okay, back to the post!
Favorite cosmetic thingy - Dry Soap

I never even knew such a thing existed, until mom send me this little case filled with white, flower-scented pieces, of what I thought was paper! This is cool on so many levels I don't even know where to begin! How you use these little fuckers is just like ordinary soap. You wet your hands and wash them with a piece, it melts just like real soap and voila, you smell of peace and happiness! This is going straight to my survival backpack!

Favorite movie - Sword of the Stranger

This is one of those anime movies I can re-watch a thousand times and still feel my heart overfilling with joy and awe. I've always been intrigued by Japan's past, and this movie sets an atmosphere so well done, you can feel yourself just melting and being engulfed in the time period. 
The story is set in the Sengoku period (totally googled that!) and while it's not a table turning, overly original story, it shines because of it's simplicity. The characters are well developed, we have two main protagonists: a little boy and his dog and an ex Samurai. Their paths cross and from that moment on, you're taken through a journey of friendship, heartache and bad ass combat scenes. 
Aside from the moving soundtrack which gave me goosebumps, the ending which left me wanting more and the indescribable atmosphere, Sword of the Stranger has some pretty fucking good looking men there as well!

If not for my review, go watch the damn movie because of THIS!
So much sexiness!!!!!.... O_O
Favorite Practical Item - The Looser Raincoat 

Mom has a knack for buying stuff that are so unsexy even my cats won't look at me. Despite being unsexy and as ugly as me in 8th grade, these items are often very practical! Take for instance this yellow fisherman raincoat! We've been having lots of rainy days lately and because I'm an ass and want to ride my bike every day, I ride it even when it's pouring rain outside. Mah new virgin raincoat is actually quite handy!

(ppssst...I know what you did last Summer!...)

Favorite achievement - Keit is in a magazine again!

So happy about it! ^_^ I was asked to style a plaid skirt in four ways for the new Autumn issue of Triangle Style. Mom and dad are so proud I'm on paper, they keep the Summer issue at their workplace so they can brag and show it to their friends...What can I say, we live in a small town, sigh...
Go check these guys out, their magazine is a great coffee read! And you can see yours truly too, if you hadn't had enough of me already and don't have the urge to puke every time you see my awkward smile.

Favorite Thrift Find - Purple Booties

Yes! These were thrifted! I had no previous experience with second hand shoes before, mostly because the shoes that get delivered to Bulgaria, look like dead raccoons. I couldn't believe how pretty these were, looked brand new and intact and only for 12$! Do you likey? I'll be wearing these for Fall too, with some fuzzy socks, double win!
Pro tip, or maybe not that pro, use spirt (alcohol) to disinfect the inner part of the shoes. 

That's it for September! Hope you enjoyed the post, I know I did, I'm gonna lie in bed and die from starvation now, bye!


  1. Haha, even your cats wont look at you in that raincoat, I love that line! I can tell when my dog thinks that I'm dress weird too. That is one very practical coat though. Those boots are awesome, love the color and they hardly look like they were worn. Those muffins or cookies are looking pretty delicious and festive! I think being featured in a magazine is quite an accomplishment, keep up the good work!

  2. OMG OMG OMG I love those purple boots and I want them! YOU look fabulous and stylish in a yellow raincoat and I expect to see you featured in a magazine that is doing a spread on yellow raincoats and how only amazing people can wear them. I must be a Bulgarian blogger. No breakfast, check. Pyjamas, check. Need a shower, check. I am not a famous Bulgarian model like you though. Funny, nobody ever asks me to style anything or pose for a magazine. Sophie thinks everything I wear is just great but could use a larger application of fur. You and I should start our own magazine called Greasy Hair and PJs.

    Okay, there ya go, all my random thoughts of the morning. Oh one last thing. When I first glanced at the magazine cover I read it as Strange Style not as Triangle Style. ;D

  3. Обувките са МЕГА красиви! :)

  4. Omfg, dude! Congrats! Man, I want to be in a magazine! >_< Also, I'm ready to be a born again virgin, because I want that yellow coat! Awesome boots, too!

    - Anna

  5. PURPLE BOOTIES OH MY LORD YES. And congrats on the magazine! It looks fabulous. :D


  6. Wow you're in a magazine!! I'll look for it :P

  7. I was just browsing through & stumbled upon your lovely blog - It looks gorgeous and it has interesting posts that I can relate to. I'm now following you via gfc, keep in touch love x

    Benish | Feminist Reflections

  8. Линк към Dry Soap? Че стана интересно :)

  9. Congrats on the magazine feature you sexy devil!
    I love anime movies and have not seen this one yet. I have like 4 anime series all queued up on Netflix to watch, where do people find the time?
    Why do Starbucks insist on putting whipped cream on everything? Ask for a regular tea with no frills attatched and they look at you like you have asked to teabag their cat!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  10. LOVE the yellow raincoat!! The original is always the best! And congrats on being published!! :)

  11. NO. There is NO WAY you thrifted those gorgeous boots...for $12????
    Pardon me, while I try and scrape together my mentality...
    Haha oh wow Keit, such a great month for you! Congrats on the magazine feature too (and what parent wouldn't brag and show that off? That's awesome!)
    Glad to know I'm not the only one who finds anime characters sexy...hehe, I'm totally going to check out this movie now because of that screenshot. Sigh <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  12. lmao virgin forever raincoat. Going to buy my future daughter one of those for sure. Those purple booties are so cute!! And congrats on being in a magazine, that's so exciting!! :]

    - alexis

  13. I liked your favorites a lot. If I had to see one more Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte picture, I was going to throw up all over my keyboard. And I really like my keyboard. I also really like your loser rain coat! :)

    xo Kenzie
    easy, lucky, free

  14. of course I loved that post, of course I did! my favourite part was the one about your super sexy raincoat but those soap thingies look pretty amazing as well. I had no idea something like that even existed! oh and those booties you found from a thrift store indeed are pretty, especially the cut-out details. do style them soon!

    Part of me

  15. I love that raincoat! I really need to buy one like that, after all I do live in England :) xo

  16. Congrats on the magazine, that's great. I used to watch and enjoy anime movies, enjoyed Samurai X a lot. That soap, hmmm, really something special and oh, I want your cookies.

  17. Boots are really cool! I really like this kind of posts :))

  18. 1. dry soap blew my mind 2. AHHH congrats on getting into a magazine!! loved how you styled the skirt, too. Can I...can I have a copy to brag that my friend got published? :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  19. I want that magazine with you inside <3


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